Introduction to Presentation


BA (Hons) Arts, Design + Environment Stage 1 Workshop Brief

Introduction to Presentation Boards

Handout: 15th October    Workshop: 16th October


This workshop will involves the use of photcopies of your Reverse Engineering visual narrative drawings.

Before the workshop begins make photocopies of your visual narrative drawings in at least two different sizes. For example a set of copies at 100mm wide and another at 200mm wide.


This workshop is concerned with presenting your work in meaningful and coherent ways. You will be asked to be creative in your approach to presentation while considering appropriate layouts to communicate your ideas clearly.

In this instance you are presenting a visual narrative. Can you think of examples of visual narratives? How are they presented? Are there specific visual devices employed or conventions adhered to that you should be aware of?

We will ask you to examine your work in terms of presentation.

What elements are most important? You will need to consider hierarchies of information and an appropriate consideration of this in its presentation. You should be objective in your analysis and consider if some elements of the project could be discarded or treated differently for less emphasis.

You will need to consider the interplay of image and type, relative scale, colour, line and any other elements that together, form a visual language. Should the presentation style reflect the process of your work or would a clear distinction aid communication?

These boards will need to communicate your project in isolation so consider what information is crucial to your audience.

Your objective is to create rough layouts using your photocopies with consideration of the above objectives and concerns. The emphasis in this workshop is on experimentation and analysis rather than a finished presentation for submission.